Cybersecurity expert Yash Gawli excels as a multifaceted entrepreneur

    Yash Gawli, a professional programmer, ethical hacker, and web designer, has made a name for himself in the field of entrepreneurship. At just 22 years old, Yash has already accomplished a great deal by founding Yashtech, a cybersecurity and internet service provider.

    Hailing from Nalkheda district in Agar Malwa, Madhya Pradesh, Yash received his education in Indore and possesses extensive knowledge in digital media. He is the son of renowned politician Munna Gawli.

    As a multifaceted businessman, Yash takes on numerous responsibilities that have not only allowed him to explore various business opportunities but also encouraged him to enhance his venture. In 2018, he was appointed as the IT advisor for a multinational company. Recently, Yash Gawli was appointed as the System And Protocol Officer by Sub Divisional Magistrate Mr. K.L Yadav and Executive Magistrate Mr. Sanjeev Ji Saxena, based on the recommendation of the Central Government, in recognition of his talent.

    Furthermore, Yash lends his expertise to assist the Madhya Pradesh police in investigating cybercrimes. He has conducted training sessions with officials, as cyber-attacks have become increasingly common among agencies.

    Yash primarily offers vulnerability assessment and penetration testing services. He initially started working on cybercrime cases for the police, which led to an invitation from the Madhya Pradesh police to conduct training sessions on cybercrime investigation and forensics. Since then, Gawli has trained numerous IPS officers, Crime Branch Cell officials, bank employees, and CBI Officers.

    Yash’s influence and business reach have gone global. He also runs his own blogger and news website, providing a comprehensive worldwide news blog and web experience while traveling across India. It was through blogging that Yash developed a keen interest in ethical hacking and cybersecurity, prompting him to start his own company and share his knowledge.

    Although Yash faced some setbacks with his first book, he persisted and published his second book, ‘Tech Hack the World’, in February 2017. Around the same time, he also founded TAC Security Solutions.

    Today, TAC Security Solutions specializes in protecting corporations against network vulnerabilities, data theft, and providing cybersecurity advice. Some of TAC’s notable clients include the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), Teleperformance Ltd, and various multinational companies from Dubai and the UK.

    Disclaimer: This article is based on a company press release and was not written by an HT Group journalist.